Den Haag Cultuur in Bedrijf

“Our employees call The Hague a ‘paradise’ because it gives them exactly the quality of life they want. Siemens helps by investing in the city.”

Ab van der Touw, CEO Siemens Netherlands

Den Haag Cultuur in Bedrijf:
Cultural entrepreneurship as an economic tool for the city!

A city is like a business enterprise. It needs to renew itself constantly in order to remain competitive with other cities. Cities compete to draw in businesses, and they compete for tourists, for students, for knowledge, for technology and for inhabitants. A culturally appealing city attracts inhabitants, visitors and businesses. So it’s only obvious that promoting a long-term collaboration between the Hague’s cultural community and the business community should be one of the pillars supporting The Hague’s candidacy to become European Capital of Culture in 2018.

By introducing the prospective platform ‘Den Haag Cultuur in Bedrijf’ (‘The Hague Culture in Business’), The Hague is taking a first step towards an economic symbiosis between the city’s many cultural establishments, business enterprises and social organisations. Den Haag Cultuur in Bedrijf offers them the means and opportunities to find each other, to exchange knowledge and subsequently to build up a solid and creative partnership, dedicated to generating mutually beneficial economic spin-offs. Den Haag Cultuur in Bedrijf is also devoted to enhancing the overall ‘quality of life’ in The Hague, as a city to reside in, to work in, to live and to create in.

Den Haag Cultuur in Bedrijf will fulfil four interconnected functions. As a display window, the platform will present all that is happening in the city, the milestones that have been achieved, and inspiring examples of collaboration between cultural institutes and the corporate sector. It will also function as a meeting point for cultural institutes and businesses. To boost the power of culture there has to be room for inspiration, dialogue and the exchange of ideas. In its role as broker, Den Haag Cultuur in Bedrijf can bring the right parties and people together to initiate and pursue new developments and forms of collaboration. Finally, as a helpdesk it can support the cultural and business communities with knowledge and ‘good practices’.

Den Haag Cultuur in Bedrijf: stimulating dialogue
The shape and form of the platform will be fleshed out further over the coming time. In the meantime Den Haag Cultuur in Bedrijf will use its own network group on LinkedIn to stimulate cultural institutes, businesses and social parties to engage in dialogue, to network and exchange ideas for creative collaborations, and so on.

Cultural Business Cases & best practices as inspiring examples
A notable initiative in line with the philosophy of Den Haag Cultuur in Bedrijf is the ‘Cultural Business Case’, which has been introduced by Rabobank. This sees both cultural and corporate entrepreneurs presenting various business cases involving cultural-corporate partnerships, directed at increasing turnover and cutting costs.

Some examples of Cultural Business Cases can already be found on the LinkedIn page of Den Haag Cultuur in Bedrijf. More background information is available on

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Join us on LinkedIn and share your creative ideas, your vision and opinion and communicate with other entrepreneurs in the Den Haag Cultuur in Bedrijf netwerkgroup!

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Overall coordination and initiative

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